About Us

Personal lifestyle is a unique imprint of our inner life, a complex construct we build according to our formative experiences, tastes and values. However, in order to shape it properly, we sometimes need some outside sources of inspiration in addition to our own ideas. And lifestyle inspiration is the very thing this app library specializes in.

Lifestyle Guru offers an extensive collection of apps you will find useful in your day-to-day. We strive to include all the spheres a modern person's life ecompasses, to reach every person, regardless of their age, occupation and hobbies. Whatever problem you have encountered, Lifestyle Guru has got your back! Like a true mentor, it can provide helpful advice or interesting insight on anything and everything, from travel tips to easy and unusual recipes, from time-management techniques to relationship consulting, from fun games to take your mind off stressful matters to valuable suggestions for keeping your body in shape. Simply put, whenever you need guidance, turn to Lifestyle Guru – it has answers to any question you can come up with.

Enrich your lifestyle with Lifestyle Guru!