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Ambient Synthesizer
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Ambient Synthesizer is an incredible sound synthesizing application you could only dream of! Make ambient and relaxing music just sliding your fingers! Boring and complicated sequencers and mixers are in the past, now you are able to literally control your music in real time! Incredible sound possibilities are put in one app for your convenience!


HOW TO USE: Touch the screen to produce a sound, slide your fingers to change it. 

Horizontal movement will change the pitch and vertical will change the value of the selected effect. To choose one, open the settings menu. There you can create the

desired sound using the sliders.


Ambient Synthesizer features:

- Intuitive and mind-blowing controls;

- High-quality sound;

- Brand new synthesizer;

- Powerful effects library;

- Stunning visualization;


Let your feelings sound through your music. 

Enjoy the exquisite possibilities of a unique sound system with Ambient Synthesizer.