Ambrose Bierce – Selected Works Vol. 1
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Welcome to the world of Ambrose Bierce, mysterious as the disappearance of its creator, harsh and realistic as his life! This Ambrose Bierce audio book collection reflects the spirit of the Civil War and carry you to the mysterious paranormal ghost world. Choose the story and enjoy the magic of one of the great Ambrose Bierce works!

Ambrose Bierce – Selected Works Vol. 1 includes 5 amazing stories:

- Ambrose Bierce: A Baby Tramp
- Ambrose Bierce: A Diagnosis of Death
- Ambrose Bierce: A Fruitless Assignment 
- Ambrose Bierce: A Horseman in the Sky 
- Ambrose Bierce: A Jug Of Syrup

Ambrose Bierce – Selected Works Vol. 1 features:

5 EXCITING STORIES - dip into the atmosphere of mystery;
GREAT AUTHOR WORKS - enjoy his unique style;
HIGH QUALITY - nice voicing and sound settings;
UNIQUE COLLECTION - classic horror and ghost stories.

Experience this haircurling adventure full of mystic and paranormal phenomena!