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Amour Couple Guide
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Amour Couple Guide allows you to follow Amour's every move at any minute from anywhere, not just on St. Valentine’s Day. 

It has the most efficient and accurate tracking Cupid radar ever built. You can initial a complete scan to find out where Cupid is at every minute. A dynamic report of Cupid's current location and activity will be followed with every scan. Maybe he is somewhere close to you?


HOW TO USE: You need to find Cupid with the help of radar. Just tap and start radar and find where Cupid is. Also you can tap to stop radar. The sophisticated system will also display both locations of Cupid and Yourself. On top of that, it also finds out the estimated Cupid's arrival time with a counting down timer.


Features of Amour Couple Guide:

-    Addicting gameplay
-    Simple and effective controls
-    Real time of Cupid locations
-    No rules and stress


Millions of Cupid tracking stations are set up and they will diligently report every move. A complete trail of Cupid's journey can be accurately traced and you won't want to miss that!