Chinese Guzheng Play
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Guzheng is a traditional Chinese plucked music instrument. If you have a desire to dive into the atmosphere of ancient China - our new app is everything you need! Now you are going to master this unusual instrument! So many strings, so many notes - so many new things to learn! 

You have two options here - sole mode and mode with prepared chords. Choose which one is more suitable for you and try to play! Plunk the strings and create true masterpieces. Relax and calm down while listening to your works of art!

HOW TO USE: Just choose your mode first. If you want just to play something intuitively - pick solo mode, it you would like to play some melody - choose the mode with prepared chords. When you see strings lighting up - tap them and enjoy your self-making music!

Chinese Guzheng Play features:

-Your guzheng has 15 sonorous strings;
-2 modes: solo and with prepared chords;
-Plenty of prepared chords;
-Perfect self-teacher.