Daily Tasker - Customer Schedule Planner
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Convenient time manager to classify your tasks by categories and increase your daily efficiency at work. Get to know this useful tool for busy people, who want to keep control of their daily routine. We all have those moments of forgetfulness, and, it is quite natural to worry about what is happening to our memory. As our lives get more complicated and hurried, recollecting all the things which we need to know seems to get ever tougher. And here comes our Daily Tasker app with the help of which you will be able to sort all your duties, create different categories with tasks, choose different icons, mark your tasks as important and completed, set a due date and time of notification which is also available on Apple Watch. Increase your productivity together with Daily Tasker!

How to Use: launch the app, add your duties, arrange them within different categories, set a notification and due date, mark completed tasks and enjoy its minimalistic design!

- Useful tool for busy people;
- Keep control of your daily routine;
- Different categories to choose from;
- Add your own categories;
- Minimalistic design;
- Great variety of icons;
- Due date and notifications;
- Mark your duties;
- Apple Watch support.