Decide Easy
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Every day we make choices. Sometimes they are easy and casual, sometimes they can be hard and vital. We make a decision according to our experience, preferences, friends' advice, solutions from internet. And still we make mistakes. But what if you trust some of the choices to your... fortune? Meet your new wonderful assistant - Decide Easy!
With Decide Easy you can test your luck and make some decisions less hard. Just throw a dice and see the result. Use this app to make decisions or just to have fun! Some actions are turning into routine with the time but Decide Easy can make your life less predictable. Just trust your luck and get ready to wonderful discoveries!
HOW TO PLAY: Decide Easy is a visual dice. You can put everything on its edges - from a word or a phrase to an image! There are six edges so you have six options. Test your fortune and have fun!
Decide Easy features:
- Your personal decision maker;
- Trust your fate to your luck;
- Spice up your life - become unpredictable;
- Customize your every decision - make a dice for every situation!
Making choices and decisions is fun and easy with Decide Easy! Meet the perfect assistant in every trying hour!