Deep Relax Music
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There are times when you desperately want to turn away from all the hustle and bustle, all the noises and stress. And here's when Deep Relax Music comes to help you!
You don't need to go far away to stay alone, just launch this nervous-saving application and dive into an endless stream of tranquility and serenity! Several minutes spent with the specially recorded calm and peaceful music will surely make you feel relaxed and recharged!

HOW TO USE: In the playlist menu choose the composition you'd like to listen to while relaxing. Choose the timer settings if you need to. Use the info button to see some useful information.

Deep Relax Music features:

- High-quality audio tracks
- User-friendly interface
- Convenient audio player
- Adjustable timer
- Eye-pleasing visuals

Try a brand-new way of relaxation, the application that is always with you, everywhere you go, Deep Relax Music! Experience its refreshing effect right now!