Dubstep Pads Cube 3D
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Dubstep Pads Cube 3D is a completely new music maker – enjoy dubstep party with friends and create your own dubstep beat! This is a new level of simple drum pads and piano apps – create music using magic cube in hiqh-quality 3D! You can use different samples and loops, just tap tap, enjoy cube music and become a real dubstep hero!

HOW TO USE: This dubstep equipment is really easy-to-use, but more interesting than dubstep guitar or dubstep pad. Just choose samples, tap and use your imagination!  You can create cool dubstep ringtones or surprise your friends with amazing party beats.

Dubstep Pads Cube 3D features:
-High-quality sound;
-High-quality 3D;
-Easy-to-use interface;
-Cube music for free.

Let’s start our journey to music paradise! Download Dubstep Pads Cube 3D and enjoy your day!