Eyes Health Program
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Eyes Health Program is a new useful pocket guide, which includes a perfect collection of tests to check your eyesight, training for eyes protecting and vision correcting and different articles about vision, eye training and eye muscle improvement. If you spend too much time looking at the computer and feel, that your eyesight is getting worse every day, Eyes Health Program is just what you need! This useful application is a necessary guide for all busy people who take a good care of health. Become a master of eyes health analysis!

HOW TO USE: There are different tests to check acuity of vision, contrast sensitivity, visual field, etc. Complete all of them to know your vision problems, then you can do different exercises in the tab “Training”. You can also read useful articles in reference books and track your results in the “History” tab.

Eyes Health Program features:
- Plenty of very useful exercises and training for your eyes!
- Exercise every day and the result will be seen soon!
- Perfect application for all people who don't​ have time to visit oculists!

Learn how to improve your vision and eyesight with the help of Eyes Health Program Pro! Start eye training and enjoy the results!