Family Genealogy - History Research
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Meet the new app Family Genealogy! For all people who want to know their family genealogy and to remember all relatives, or not to forget their names!

Making your family tree has never been easier! Just get this app, fill it with information about your relatives and you will never forget them or mix them up!

How to use: in app Family Genealogy use your device to add information about your relatives, their names, connection and some facts about them. There are some images given for better age describing of your family. For example, for a little relative you may pick the image of a baby and for your granny you may pick the image of old lady.

Family Genealogy features:

- Your family tree is always with you!
- No more mixing up of forgetting your relatives!
- A number of images to set for family members!
- You can show everybody your genealogy whenever you want!

Try the app Family Genealogy, it is a great chance to assemble whole your family and to make a family tree together! Show your relatives you care about them!