Arthur W. Ryder - Goblin Stories
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This ancient Indian legend was translated by the eminent Arthur W. Ryder, an American professor of Sanskrit. His works are famous for their high fidelity to the originals, lively and natural  language, good rhyme and modern English idiom. 

The app includes five stories of the Twenty-Two Goblins. These tales full of mystery and wisdom will definitely touch your heart! Don’t miss a chance to dip into the world of classic  Indian fairy tales. 

Arthur W. Ryder - Goblin Stories includes:
- First Goblin
- Second Goblin
- Third Goblin
- Fourth Goblin
- Fifth Goblin

Arthur W. Ryder - Goblin Stories features:
- 5 amazing Indian legends 
- The best Arthur W. Ryder works
- High quality sound and nice voicing
- Unique audiobook collection

Take a break and enjoy your trip to the world of classic literature!