Grocery & Supermarket Choice
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We're proud to offer you a new useful tool designed for daily food shopping. Making a shopping list has never been easier! Create general categories (such as meat, fish, dairy) and then special profiles for every food item. Inside a product profile you can indicate the price per one unit and the necessary number of units to buy. The app will calculate the total price. You can also indicate the number of units you still have in your fridge — you won't forget it when you leave home and go to grocery/supermarket.

SPECIAL feature of Grocery & Supermarket Choice is the opportunity to upload or take pictures of food items. In this way, you'll never forget which brands of tea, milk and other products your family prefers. Just take the photo and you'll no longer make mistakes while shopping.

Grocery & Supermarket Choice general features:
- create the main categories for your shopping list;
- make a special profile for every food item;
- indicate its remaining amount, necessary amount, the price per one unit and get the total price;
- upload or take pictures of your favorite food brands to keep them in your mind;
- share the shopping info with your family