Grow The Habit
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Grow The Habit is your personal motivator to help you quit any bad habit you have or grow into one!
Quitting bad habits like smoking is not an easy task. This also applies to acquiring a useful habit like being punctual or regular jogging. Grow The Habit offers you an elegant and visually appealing approach to managing your habits! All you have to do - is set a goal. You can choose one of preset goal like quitting swearing or trying to eat only healthy food, or you can set your own goal! Now you have planted your habit tree. It will grow as long as you follow your course to your goal and gift you with inspirational quotes. But remember - if you misstep, your tree can die. So stay devoted to your goals you aim for and reach them!

How does it work? Choose a habit you want to acquire or get rid of. Now your habit tree grows every day as long as you follow your goal. Once in a while it will gift you with inspirational quotes. If you made a misstep, your tree can die, don't let this happen!

- plant your habit tree: choose a habit you want to grow into or get rid of 
- choose the goal from the list or write your own;
- watch your tree grow and bloom;
- read beautiful quotes;
- achieve your goal as your tree grows!