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Guitar Amplifier
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The days of huge and heavy real guitar amplifiers are numbered! 

You won’t take it with you to impress your friends with amazing skills you have, you won’t take along all the filters and pedals and you won’t use it without the electricity. 

But all these issues are solved with the help of one, Guitar Amplifier app! 

It’s a ready-to-play guitar station for your device that features all you need to show what you are up to!


HOW TO USE: plug the guitar to your device or choose a virtual one. 

Switch the amplifier and adjust the settings on the panel the way you want. 

Choose the filter you need and see how the sound changes, you may choose several pedals and create different sound chains.


Guitar Amplifier features:

-High-quality emulation of a real amplifier;

-Numerous filters and adjustments for the sound you seek;

-Virtual guitar with a chord library;

-User-friendly interface and true-to life visuals;

-Suitable for amateurs and professionals.


Don’t let the circumstances interfere with your guitarist enthusiasm! 

Guitar Amplifier is created to ease you life and slake your musical thirst.