Happy Short Stories - Audiobooks Collection
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Sometimes everyone feels a bit lonely and lost. In this case we have prepared something really worth listening to you - Happy Short Stories - Audiobooks Collection! These stories will brighten your day, no matter what the weather outside is, and keep you entertained until summer really does arrive into your heart! Don`t miss your chance and enjoy this unique collection of selected positive stories.

Happy Short Stories - Audiobooks Collection includes: 
- Anton Chekhov: A Happy Man
- H.C. Andersen: A Cheerful Temper
- Grimm’s Fairytale: The Cunning Little Tailor
- H.C. Andersen: The Butterfly
- Jerome K. Jerome: A Man of Habit

- 5 great stories by different authors
- cheer up and stay positive
- masterpieces of world literature
- listen to it wherever and whenever you want!

Happy Short Stories - Audiobooks Collection - brilliant, charming, witty stories!