Japanese Whispers: Audio Stories
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Japanese Whispers: Audio Stories is a set of remarkable stories about Japan. Open this box of joy, sadness, love and other emotions. Make your winter days warmer with our books. An amazing journey in the world of classic literature is waiting for you - take a break and listen to a book!

Japanese Whispers: Audio Stories:
Stories for Kids: Uraschima Taro And The Turtle
Folklore and Legends: Ti-To And The Boxers
Grace James: The Land of Yomi
Grace James: The Sad Story of the Yaoya's Daughter
Grace James: The Matsuyama Mirror

Japanese Whispers features:
- World known stories for all ages;
- Perfect for kid's imagination;
- High-quality sounding files;
- Experience the conventional wisdom;
- Continue the journey in the world classic literature!