Magic Fairy Tales: Audiobooks Collection
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Magic Fairy Tales: Audiobooks Collection is a wonderful set of audiobooks for your kids. It includes five amazing stories that will certainly interest the children and make them calm before the bedtime. These stories will develop their imagination and give you free time. Let the kids enjoy the beautiful faitytales in the high-quality record format - now it's available at any time and in any place.

This collection includes the following audiobooks:

Andrew Lang: The Strong Prince
Elizabeth W. Grierson: The Fox And The Wolf
Grimm’s Fairytale: The Queen Bee
English Fairy Tales: The Golden Ball
Folk Tales: The Good Children


- 5 wonderful short magic stories;
- Authors' and folk fairytales;
- Perfect for all children - from toddlers to preschoolers;
- High-quality sound and unique covers; 
- When you return to the book, the listening starts from the moment you have paused