Military China Quiz
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If you like history, you would definitely appreciate Military China Quiz! This is a perfect app for those who is interested in oriental culture. Here you will find all the important dates, events, great people and weapon from ancient to modern times of Chinese history.

Our app includes detailed articles and photos for every historical topic and people. Study them and then complete a test to check your knowledge. Become an expert in Chinese history!

How to use
App is divided into 3 epoch:
1. Ancient China
2. Imperial China
3. Republican China
Every epoch includes 4 paragraphs: events, weapon, battles and people. In each paragraph there are several topics with articles, photos and pictures. When you start only the first epoch is available. If you want to open the next one, you should answer the particular amount of questions in the test. To start the test press the button on the bottom of the screen.

- all 3 epoch of Chinese history: ancient, imperial and republican
- information about events, weapon, battles and great people
- pictures and photos for every article
- answer test questions to check your knowledge