Nightmares and Shivers - Horror Stories
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Nightmares and Shivers - Horror Stories is an ultimate horror fan collection of audiostories! Do you remember the first time your parents left you home alone and every tiny sound made you thrill? Do you want to be scared out of your wits once again? Do you love mysterious stories about vampires, witches and ghosts? Get our new app and enjoy 5 thrilling stories wherever and whenever you want!

Nightmares and Shivers - Horror Stories:
- Jean Lang: The Ghost That Danced At Jethart
- Jean Lang: The Murder Of Colonel Stewart Of Hartrigge
- Jean Lang: The Wraith Of Patrick Kerr
- Henry Lawson: The Hypnotized Township
- H.P. Lovecraft: What the Moon Brings

Nightmares and Shivers - Horror Stories features:
- 5 stories that will make you thrill
- for all horror fans
- nice voicing and HQ sound
- listen to your favorite stories wherenever you want