Save My Balloon
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Balloons also have lives. Balloons also have souls. And they strive for freedom, they want to be where they belong – high in the sky surrounded with those of their like. But hardly a balloon can make it, for the way up is hard and full of terrors. However, some of them dare.

Help the balloon to pass through the thorny sleeve to the sunlight and to avoid deadly dangers. This game is going to challenge your concentration and coordination. Avoid obstacles and control the balloon’s flight direction dealing with deadly hazards. Good luck!

HOW TO PLAY: the balloon is flying into the sky. Tilt your device to control it and avoid spikes. Be careful: the game, challenging as it is, may be complicated by some really unpleasant circumstances, that is:
- wind, that will shake the balloon and try to throw it to the spikes;
- torches that may burn the balloon;
- sharp-clawed monster paw that will try to catch the balloon. Tap it to get rid of the monster.

In the game there are nice and dreadful endings that are chosen randomly. Will the balloon find a new home in the realm of balloons or get caught by a monster? Will it find a peaceful place to begin a happy life or run into a firewall? Prepare your nerves, for all your efforts could be in vain! And good luck!

Save My Balloon FEATURES:
- amazing balance game – test your agility and accuracy;
- unpredictable and unexpected obstacles (monster claws, torches, wind) – test your reaction;
- fine graphics and background music create tense atmosphere and will captivate you for hours;
- random finale – you never know how it’s gonna end.

Test your reaction and accuracy helping the balloon to make it through monsters, spikes, fire and wind chasing the dream to live free and happy! Save My Balloon is an amazing obstacle flying game that will challenge your agility and concentration and passes both kids and adults!