Save the Planet - Yes, You Can
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Participate in Earth Day on 22nd of April! Be eco-friendly and remember - yes, you can!

Go green! In case you think that even single person can do a lot to save the environment - you are right! There are a lot of things you are able to do to minimize the harm to Mother Earth: avoid littering, cut down the use of water, electricity and gas, participation in recycling of garbage and much more! Save the Planet - Yes, You Can is the perfect app to help you track all your good deeds!

How does it work? Whenever you've done anything useful for saving nature, register it in Save the Planet - Yes, You Can app! It already has a lot of categories, i.e. saving energy, water, gasoline, helping with planting trees and recycling garbage and you can always add your own. Keep track of the good things you do and be one of the ​saviors of our planet!

- register eco-friendly things you do;
- choose one of the preset environment-saving deeds or add your;
- observe your weekly and monthly statistics;

Save the Planet - Yes, You Can! Make it your motto and participate in protecting the Earth!