Tune To Dance
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Who doesn't like dancing? If you're one of those who dance all the time and everywhere this app is definetely for you, it's Tune To Dance! Enjoy a new playlist full of hot and groovy music and feel its rhythm! Plus you can read up some new information about dancestyles and the world of music! If you feel like dancing, it doesn't mean you have to wait till the weekend to go to the club, with Tune To Dance you can start right away!

HOW TO USE: In the playlist menu choose the composition you'd like to listen to and start partying! Use the info button to see some useful information.

Tune To Dance features:
-Hgih-quality audiotracks;
-User-friendly interface;
-Convinient audioplayer;
-Information notes;
-Eye-pleasing visuals.

No one will stop you now with Tune To Dance! Take your time and tune the whole world in your dance!