Vedic Tints - Color Horoscope
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An ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda will help you to select the proper color of the day. 
Don’t know what to wear today? Or what clothing to choose for an important meeting or celebration? Choose the day and find out which colors will help you to make your day successful! 
Indians use the energy of colors to attract good luck, to treat and cure diseases and even to impact their mood. That is an easy and efficient way to make your life brighter and to attract a fortune! 

How to use: choose the day and learn more about favorable and unfavorable colors, ruling planets and more. Go to the Colors section to check the features and the influence of the color. Take the Color Type Test to analyze which colors and tints are the best for your appearance type. 

Vedic Tints - Color Horoscope Features:
- favorable colors for every day of a week;
- Vedic energy of colors - meanings and color influence;
- interesting Color Type Test;
- Vedic horoscope according to the ruling planet;
- useful notifications to choose the color of the day.

Discover the magic of color to add energy into your life!