What's Edible
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What’s Edible and what's not - let's check your knowledge!
This great time killer will not only entertain you but help you make sure you know what you can and can not eat! Simply make the choice and press edible or inedible buttons. What’s Edible has 3 difficulty levels if you want to reduce the time given for an answer. Moreover, you can take and add your own photos or choose them from gallery! Be sure to know what you can eat!

How do you play? Select the game difficulty to adjust the time to answer. You will see a lot of different pictures - press edible or inedible buttons to make the choice. Try to get as many correct answers as possible! And you can always make game more fun by adding your own photos via camera or gallery!

- test your knowledge about edible things;
- 3 level difficulties;
- add your own photos via camera or gallery!