Wisher Agenda
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We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch!
Keep track of all desired things with Wisher Agenda!

Many of us stumble upon something that we desperately wanted to buy the next second. And many of us have some things that we plan do buy in distant or near future. You no longer need to keep all this stuff in your mind - Wisher Agenda will do it for you! Once you found something you want to buy - whether it is a toy, a new coat or even a car - simply add it to Wisher Agenda. You can also specify the shop, the date of purchase and add a photo! Set the priority of all things you want to organize your wish list.

How does it work: add the thing you want to buy by entering its name. You can also enter the name of the shop, price, desired date of purchase and even photo! You can set priority of every thing on you wish list and see how much they all cost in total. Once you've bought what you wanted, mark it as purchased and it will be saved in apps history. The default currency is US dollars.

- keep track of the thing you want to buy or that are already bought;
- enter all information you need - name of the shop, price, purchase date and photo;
- prioritize your desired purchases;
- view how much money you need to spend or already have spent;
- supports Apple Watch.