World's Folklore: Audiobooks Library
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World's Folklore: Audiobooks Library is the greatest collection of fairy tales, legends and myths. These cross culture stories originating from different corners of the world will be a great present to children and adults! Listen to it whenever you wish and dive into the fairy and magical atmosphere. We hope you will find food for thought or just spend some time dreaming listening to these fascinating stories.

World's Folklore: Audiobooks Library includes the following stories by Andrew Lang: Bobino, Don Giovanni De La Fortuna, A Lost Paradise, Habogi, Herr Lazarus and the Draken. Tap on the screen to choose a story, push the "play" button and dip into the fantasy world of folklore you`ve never seen before.

- 5 folklore stories for those who love history and myths
- great food for thought
- perfect for your imagination
- learn more about culture of different nations
- enjoy our professionally recorded stories.

World's Folklore: Audiobooks Library - become a part of cultural heritage listening to fascinating folkstories from all over the world!